Companion install options

Companion is a Windows program for Market Research that uses the .Net Framework for speedy and reliable results. In addition, there is an extended version with some specialised facilities, at a small extra cost. There is also a CATI version for managed telephone projects.

The QPSMR Companion program and documentation are property of NetMR Scotland Limited. Furthermore, the documentation should not be copied without permission from the Authors.


Companion download

See below for other Companion product downloads: Companion Reflect and Companion Input.

Skeleton projects

You can use these skeleton project files (QDF) as the basis for new projects. You will also need to add the questions that you will ask to the skeleton.

Questionnaire prints

Also, you can alter and use these XSLT files when printing a questionnaire draft


In addition, you can alter and use this XSLT file when printing a summary report.

Companion Reflect

The Companion Reflect program is licence free and you can use it to analyse a Reflect database produced from a licensed Companion.

If you already have a Companion installed, this includes all the Reflect facilities and you do not need to install Companion Reflect.

Companion Reflect download

Companion Input

The Companion Input program is licence free and can be used to enter data from paper or during a CAPI interview. To download the software, please see our:

Companion Input Windows download

Companion Input Android download

Classic Input

QPSMR Input Classic download

Companion Products page

For CATI systems that collect audio information, the following program can be used to download the audio whilst viewing the data for the record.

Install Endinformation v1 (ClickOnce)