Additional information and resources

Please visit the following on-line manual links for the following QPSMR Companion products:

Link to the Companion on-line manual

Link to the QPSMR Input/Telin on-line manual

A Link to the QPSMR CL on-line manual

For detailed information on some aspects of Companion, please visit the following link to our documentation page:

User documentation

SPSS export

Use this to output data from SPSS for use with Companion.

Download Make QDF zip files

For further information about how to use these scripts, please visit our page below:

Getting data from SPSS page

In addition, for the Companion QDF/QRFX, QTF and CSV master file layouts, please follow the link to our layouts page below:

Companion layouts page

Finally, Companion skeleton project files (QDFs) can be used as the basis for new projects. The questions to be asked need to be added to the skeletons. For further information, please see:

Companion Downloads