Companion Input MSIs

In addition to Companion Input for Windows, Android versions of the software are also available for download:

Companion Input for Android download

This program replaces the Classic Input program. The Classic program should no longer be used for entering CAPI or paper surveys.

Companion Input

Companion Input install options, other versions

The Windows version of the program is used to enter data using a supplied input file (qpsmrinp) on a Windows PC, and the data collected is stored locally.

Furthermore, Companion programs install with a help file and context help is accessible via the F1 key. The manual can also be viewed here, please do not copy the manual without permission from the authors.

To download MSI versions of the Input software (for Windows), please use the following:

In order to use Windows installer MSI files for 64 bit Windows, see below:

23.2.1 Companion Input download

23.1.4 Companion Input download

22.2.3 Companion Input download

22.1.3 Companion Input download

In addition, below are Windows installer MSI files for 32 bit Windows:

23.2.1 Companion Input download (32 bit)

23.1.4 Companion Input download (32 bit)

22.2.3 Companion Input download (32 bit)

22.1.3 Companion Input download (32 bit)