Install (MSI and Beta test) Companion versions

Here you can install old or new beta test versions of the QPSMR Companion software.

In addition, the ClickOnce versions (recommended) can only be installed under 64 bit Windows.

For the Windows Installer MSI versions of Companion, choose ‘Run’ to install.  To download the MSI and install it later, or on another computer, choose ‘Save’.

You can have more than one MSI version installed on a workstation.

Companion Windows install, other versions

In order to install the new beta test ClickOnce, please use the following:

Install Companion Beta Test 23.1 

In order to download Windows installer MSI files for 64 bit Windows, please use the following:

22.2.3 Companion Download

22.2.1 Companion Download

22.1.3 Companion Download

2021.2.3 Companion Download

2021.1.6 Companion Download

In order to download the Windows installer MSI files for 32 bit Windows, please see the following:

22.2.3 Companion Download (32 bit)

22.2.1 Companion Download (32 bit)

22.1.3 Companion Download (32 bit)

2021.2.3 Companion Download (32 bit)

2021.1.6 Companion Download (32 bit)