Companion CATI additional facilities

The QPSMR Companion CATI and Telin programs are especially designed for telephone interviewing.


Companion CATI (with Telin)

Comprehensive telephone interviewing solution

Sample management and quota control

Appointment facilities

Includes all Extended Companion facilities

The Extended Companion includes all the facilities for questionnaire design, data handling and analysis.

Also, interviewers use the licenced QPSMR Telin (classic) software to quickly collect CATI data.

In addition to handling telephone surveys, you can also use CATI to process paper and CAPI surveys and Reflect files, for end-user analysis.


Sample management

Companion automatically presents contact (sample) details to interviewers; you may then select respondents by sample point(s) if required.


Interviewing with QPSMR Telin (classic) software is fast and fully controlled. In addition, the program automatically issues serial numbers and the station and user numbers, the date, duration, status of the interview and other quality control information. Furthermore, the program will automatically collect this information each time a user completes an interview.

Quota control

Companion CATI has full quota control facilities. The supervisor decides the quotas required. After each quota check the interview will continue, or terminate if the quota has been filled.


Companion CATI can easily handle appointments if part way through a questionnaire a respondent asks to continue the interview at some other time.

Interviewers can also decide the appointment priority and set a call time delay; they can request a “respondent history” that shows the dates and times that the program has tried the interview. The program will then show the call results. You may also add comments about the respondent.