NetMR produces the professional and usable Companion software at a reasonable cost, for people who are serious about market research.

The Company

NetMR Scotland Ltd is a mainstream developer of cost effective and usable software for the Market Research Industry.  We also support all the relevant open systems, including the triple-s standard for data transfer:

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QPSMR Companion suite

The suite of programs run under Microsoft Windows, using a standard Windows interface, without the need to learn a complicated scripting language. Furthermore, the Companion suite provides a comprehensive analysis system for Market Researchers.

For example, facilities can be used to: set up projects, enter data for paper and CAPI projects, merge, weight and export data, produce summary reports, set up and run tables, and drill down (tables and distinction).

In order to learn more information about Companion’s licences, please email the program authors (details on About) or visit our Dealer page.

Companion products

If you would like to see an overview of each suite of programs, please visit our Product page.

Similarly, in order to download the latest programs releases, please visit our Download page.