In-depth information

For detailed user documentation and information about how leases work in QPSMR Companion, please visit the following NetMR Scotland Companion website:

Licensing information on NetMR Scotland’s website

For detailed descriptions of Companion’s facilities, visit:

Weighting user documentation

  • Respondent weights easily added to data
  • Rim or matrix, using single and multi-coded entries
  • Targets as values and/or percentages
  • Constraints on weight values
  • Weighting report automatically generated

Respondent weighting is the process of allocating a weight to each individual record (questionnaire) to rebalance analysis.

Statistics user documentation

  • Weighting
  • Format settings
  • Formulae

Repeat questions user documentation

  • Repeat questions set up
  • Overlay tables for repeated questions
  • De-rotate repeated questions page
  • Levels in Reflect
  • How to split data records

Winsock connection to PDS

In addition, a socket (Winsock) connection to PDS is used by QPSMR Telin to request sample telephone numbers which are required to be dialled.

Alternatively, a Winsock can be used for telephone numbers obtained from a PDS (predictive dialler system) which require to be put through to an operator, and the relevant sample record is then retrieved.

Winsock dialler information

Companion Example screens

Finally, to see some examples of the Companion program in use, please visit NetMR Scotland’s website:

Example screens on the website