Getting data from SPSS

You can download the SPSS script files for exporting to QPSMR Companion here:

Download – Make a QDF (Zip file)

This zip file contains:

MakeQDF with

The link creates a QDF and an associated ASC raw data file that Companion can use directly.

MakeQDF with

This creates a QDF and an associated CSV raw data file that can be used directly by Companion.

How to use the exports

To use one the export scripts:

  1. Open the data file in SPSS
  2. [File] [Open] [Script] and choose the relevant export SBS file
  3. [Run] The program will ask you to give the full path name for the output file files

Important: naming conventions

For some SPSS variables the export creates two entries: a question and a variable that refers to the question. It retains the original names and add a “V” to the front of the variable created from it.

The user only references the variables for analysis.

Important: new lines in text variables

SPSS allows new lines to be used in text entries which makes an ASC data file export unusable.  If the number of records in Companion programs is not the same as the original SPSS data file you should try using MakeQDF with instead.

If you need a fixed format file:

  1. Use Companion [Raw] [CSV file view]
  2. [File] [Treatment and separator select] and turn on “Combine short lines”
  3. Check the number of records at the bottom is correct.
  4. [File] [Save as] to create a new CSV file with the short lines put together.
  5. [Answers] [Copy and convert] to create an ASC or UNI file