QPSMR Classic CATI input

You can use the QPSMR Telin (Classic) program to conduct CATI (telephone) interviews.  In addition, you will also need a CATI licence for Companion to create projects, sample and quota files.

A Computer Assisted Telephone Interview (CATI) is when an interviewer calls a respondent to do an interview. The computer program controls which questions are asked and the answers are typed in directly by the interviewer.  

Data is entered using Telin, which opens a CATI QIF file (for example, a sample file, a quota file or an appointment file).

QPSMR Telin (Classic)

Comprehensive telephone interviewing solution

In addition, you can use Telin for the same types of entry as Companion Input, plus:

  • Telephone interviewing, including appointments
  • CATI input using quota and sample files

Key Benefits

  • The software handles partially completed interviews and is optimised for mouse entry, although you can still use the keyboard if you prefer.
  • In addition, the authors have optimised this mode for ease of use, so the interviewer can concentrate on the phone conversation, the Data window is uncluttered, and the program does not move onto the next question until requested.
  • Furthermore, the software issues sample data records (CATI licence only)
  • Finally, Telin uses quota control files (CATI licence only)