Companion installation failed

You have arrived at this page, because your Companion software installation has failed.

Please retry the Companion software installation procedure below to rectify this issue:

If your installation has failed, you can download and install the Companion program from this website, please see our Download page for further details.

We recommend using the ClickOnce installs, by using these installs you will receive automatic software updates and better security.

Alternatively, you can download the Companion program as a Windows Installer (MSI) file, and you can then copy this file directly onto a computer. It is possible for you to copy the Companion Windows Installer (MSI) file without access to an internet connection.

Unless you have activated a Companion licence file with your installed version, the Companion program will restrict your usage to only the free to use modules that are available. Please visit our Companion free to use product page for further details.

In order to activate your licence file, please follow the instructions contained on our Companion Licensing page.

If the above installation procedure is still unsuccessful, please notify your Companion Dealer or the Companion software Authors (NetMR Scotland Limited), who will be able to assist with your failed installation.