Versions with fixed issues

Below you will find a list of QPSMR Companion’s most recent known problems.

Importantly, if the version number has 4 parts, the last part is not used for MSI installed versions.

Known problems – 2023:

  • Column texts with parentheses as part of the text on the last line causes it to ignore a column identifier that follows, please use (Classic 23.1r) or above.
  • ASCII data laid out as cards, please use (Classic 23.1q) or above.
  • Far East characters to Tables.txt, please use (Classic 23.1p) or above.
  • Non-European text in ASCII data files, please use (Classic 23.1j) or above.
  • Saving a Unicode QDF in Classic fails, please use Classic 23.1f or above.

Known problems – 2022:

  • Formats SHG11/12/13 not working for means, as a result please use (Classic 22.2c) or above.
  • CL RCP INX not working, therefore, please use 22.2c or above.
  • QPSMR Telin fails to write the Verbatim.csv file, so please use version 22.2b or above.
  • Tables TXT output not working, so please use or above.
  • Excel output using format MCF, please use or above.
  • Negative values in integer entries in CSV data now available. In order to see this, please use or above.
  • Drill down in Companion Reflect, please use or above.
  • Data view using CSV data files, so please used 2022.1.3.4 or above.
  • Tables CSV conversion to Excel was very slow, therefore, please use 2022.1.2 or above.
  • Changing filter text on multiple tables. Please use 2022.1.1 or above.
  • Format TTV2 available. In order to use this format, please use 2022.1.1 (Classic 2022.1c) or above.

Known problems – 2021

  • Companion Input for CAPI projects, please use 2021.1.4.1 or above.
  • Companion Input, please use 2021.1.3.4 or above.
  • Format RWU, please use 2021.1.2.7 (Classic 2021.1e) or above.
  • CL %STA function, please use 2021.1.1.11 (Classic 2021.1d) or above.
  • Data View of Float questions, please use 2021.1.1.11 or above.
  • Pasting tables with bank column, please use 2021.1.1.5.
  • Companion Input, please use 2021.1.1.7 or above.

Known problems – 2020

  • Triple-s export, please use 2020.2.2.3 or above.
  • Format SIG6, please use 2020.2.1.13 or above.

Known problems – 2019

  • Reading CSV data, please use 2019.2.8.3 or above.
  • Creating a Reflect database from CSV data. Please use 2019.2.5.6 or above.
  • Significance markers missing on mean scores on DBL (weighted) stats only tables with format ESS (default).  Therefore, please use 2019.2.4.2 or above.
  • Single sheet tables being very slow.  So, please use 2019.1.16 or above.
  • Tables using NPTR, please use 2019.1.15 or above.
  • Overlay tables, please use 2019.1.15 or above.
  • Because Excel confuses cells beginning with – or +, the program now always precedes significance markers put out to CSV tables with a space.  For example, it will output a marker of “aB” as ” aB”.


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