Versions with fixed issues

Below you will find a list of QPSMR Companion’s most recent known problems.

Importantly, if the version number has 4 parts, the last part is not used for MSI installed versions.

Please be aware of the difference now (version 24.1 onwards) between ASC files (byte locations) and UNI files (character locations). Both types can now use the Locale or UTF-8 encoding.

Known problems – 2024:

  • Triple-s import with CSV data, please use or above.
  • Verify data using mouse, please use or above.
  • Some issues with quick tables, please use or above.
  • Opening score values or create grid twice, please use or above. 
  • Non-European text in ASCII data files, please use or above.

Known problems – 2023:

  • Column texts with parentheses as part of the text on the last line causes it to ignore a column identifier that follows, please use (Classic 23.1r) or above.
  • ASCII data laid out as cards, please use (Classic 23.1q) or above.
  • Far East characters to Tables.txt, please use (Classic 23.1p) or above.
  • Non-European text in ASCII data files, please use (Classic 23.1j) or above.
  • Saving a Unicode QDF in Classic fails, please use Classic 23.1f or above.

Known problems – 2022:

  • Formats SHG11/12/13 not working for means, as a result please use (Classic 22.2c) or above.
  • CL RCP INX not working, therefore, please use 22.2c or above.
  • QPSMR Telin fails to write the Verbatim.csv file, so please use version 22.2b or above.
  • Tables TXT output not working, so please use or above.
  • Excel output using format MCF, please use or above.
  • Negative values in integer entries in CSV data now available. In order to see this, please use or above.
  • Drill down in Companion Reflect, please use or above.
  • Data view using CSV data files, so please used 2022.1.3.4 or above.
  • Tables CSV conversion to Excel was very slow, therefore, please use 2022.1.2 or above.
  • Changing filter text on multiple tables. Please use 2022.1.1 or above.
  • Format TTV2 available. In order to use this format, please use 2022.1.1 (Classic 2022.1c) or above.

Known problems – 2021

  • Companion Input for CAPI projects, please use 2021.1.4.1 or above.
  • Companion Input, please use 2021.1.3.4 or above.
  • Format RWU, please use 2021.1.2.7 (Classic 2021.1e) or above.
  • CL %STA function, please use 2021.1.1.11 (Classic 2021.1d) or above.
  • Data View of Float questions, please use 2021.1.1.11 or above.
  • Pasting tables with bank column, please use 2021.1.1.5.
  • Companion Input, please use 2021.1.1.7 or above.

Known problems – 2020

  • Triple-s export, please use 2020.2.2.3 or above.
  • Format SIG6, please use 2020.2.1.13 or above.

Known problems – 2019

  • Reading CSV data, please use 2019.2.8.3 or above.
  • Creating a Reflect database from CSV data. Please use 2019.2.5.6 or above.
  • Significance markers missing on mean scores on DBL (weighted) stats only tables with format ESS (default).  Therefore, please use 2019.2.4.2 or above.
  • Single sheet tables being very slow.  So, please use 2019.1.16 or above.
  • Tables using NPTR, please use 2019.1.15 or above.
  • Overlay tables, please use 2019.1.15 or above.
  • Because Excel confuses cells beginning with – or +, the program now always precedes significance markers put out to CSV tables with a space.  For example, it will output a marker of “aB” as ” aB”.


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